Dr. David B. Boles is the founder of Bolesbooks, publishing quality family ancestries and genealogies since 1986.

A little … dust from the Town House vaults, an application of midnight oil … there emerge fine and robust products … specimens of the genealogist’s craft.

                                                                     — Frank Samuel Child (1911)


3 thoughts on “About

  1. I am one of Harry Otto Boles’s 6, not 5 other children. 🙂
    Just bought your new 2017 book. There were actually 9 of us by Harry Otto. 3 marriages and I am the last born of all of them. There are 4 of us alive, all by Harry Otto and Gertrude.


    • I’m glad to hear from you, and thank you for purchasing the book! Sorry about the omission. I should have said “5 children born after 1930, known to me”. They included 4 listed in the 1940 Census plus one at Findagrave.com who died an infant. I assume you were born after the 1940 Census?

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      • Yes, I came along in 1943. If you should need any info let me know. I am a fairly new at it, but have I info on our portion. My email is on my about page.


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