On “Sabbatical”

You may have noticed that my activity on The Genealogist’s Craft has come to a standstill in recent weeks.  That’s because I am busy with a new project.  I am a retired psychology professor, and recently signed a contract to write a new psychology textbook.

The writing process is proving intense, and I expect to be tied up for some time.  Rest assured that it’s my intention to come back to genealogy when I can. In the meantime please consider me on “sabbatical” — a professor who’s still hanging around somewhere, but engaged in productive scholarship and not performing his usual duties.

In the meantime my genealogical publications continue to be available.  They include the following.  Please click this link to access additional information on each.

The Capstone

The most up-to-date information is contained in the capstone publication The Omnibus Ancestry: 619 Documented American and European Lines (2017).  It provides corrections, thorough summaries, and most importantly, extensions of the ancestral lines contained in most of the other works.  Many new ancestral lines are provided.

The Newer Works

These books contain much more detailed information than The Omnibus, and were published at various times during the decade prior to it.

The Origins and Descendants of James Bole of Westmoreland and Armstrong Counties, Pennsylvania.  This is a new replacement of an older treatment of my paternal family, containing entirely reworked information on the family’s origins.

The Ancestors and Descendants of Pearcy and Ann (Swanzy) Boyle (Bole, Boles) of Co. Monaghan, Ireland.  While this family proved not to be ancestral to me, it is one I learned a great deal about over the years.  I felt that a book would be helpful to its many descendants.

Bowers Russell Ancestry.  With the additional families of Albert, Bollin, Brown, Conradi, Dorn, Ermentraudt, Fischer, Fosselman, Friedli, Hain, Haug, Hieronymus, Hoffman, Irion, King, Knopf, Lindeman, McQueen, Pfister, Probst, Rimpler, Saltzgeber, Schäffer, Stevenson, Taylor, Vigelius, and Yerian.

Snyder-Harbour Ancestry.  With the additional families of Almot, Amis, Ashton, Ballow, Banister, Bellew, Belson, Binford, Brasseur, Bromley, Burkhart, Cary, Chappell, Clenche, Creeting, Crew, Dameron, Davis, Ellyson, Ferris, Foulshurst, Gatley, Gerard, Hobson, Hough, Jordan, Martz, Milner, Mosby, Nave, Packwood, Parker, Pleasants, Putrasse, Ripley, Savage, Smith, Snider, Snowe, Spence, Stanley, Taylor, Thomas, Trafford, Wagner, and Woodson.

Speece-Robinson Ancestry. With the additional families of Addams, Altruth, Auliffe, Bailey, Brown, Cole, Conklin, Cunningham, Dick, Dobbs, Doors, Flexney, Gobels, Hinds, McIntire, op den Graeff, Pletges, Princehouse, Rossiter, Tarpley, Tomey, and Williams.  And Addenda on the Adams, Bachiler, Dungan, Holbrook, Large, Latham, Swift, Weaver, and Wing Families.

Stayman-McCrosky Ancestry.  With the additional families of Baer, Bär, Bare, Barber, Bartram, Bear, Cartlidge, Clark, Faris, Herr, Hochstrasser, Keller, Kendig, McCoskery, Meilin, Mylin, Nussler, Oberholtzer, Stake, Steman, Stoneman, Tidmarsh, Tobler, Witmer, and Wright.

Withers-Davis Ancestry.  With the additional families of Abraham, Babb, Bachiler, Chandler, Collet, David, Davies, Hollingsworth, Hussey, Jefferis, Lewis, Martin, May, Nash, Nowell, Perkins, Powell, Ree, Roberts, Sloper, Tarrant, Wise, Wood, and Woolaston. Also numerous Welsh families ancestral to William, David, and Ralph Lewis, and John Bevan, plus their royal descents.

The Archives

 These likewise provide detailed information, and were published in the period 1986 – 1994.

Barth-Hickey Ancestry.  With the additional familes of Bodine, Bowman, Brown, Brownlee, Burnett, Crocheron, Drury, Finch, French, Greiner, Gullett, Heisdorfer, Housh, Langham, Malmberg, Martin, McClain, McMurtrie, Millard, Mills, Phillips, Reynolds, Robinson, Rung, Russell, Shercliffe, Sinnott, Spinke, Swanson, Wilson, and Wolcott.

Some Earlier Americans: Boles-Linton Ancestors.  Includes the additional families of Barrier, Chapman, Craig, Dickson, Dixon, Gill, Lazear, Marcey, Massey, McFadden, Modrell, Painter, Richards, and Riddle.

The Bower-Bowers Descendants of Johann Jacob Bauer.  Over 2000 names, with descendants in Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, and 20 other states. Ten generations from about 1725.

Ellis Ancestors: Some Immigrants, Colonists, and Pioneers.  Includes the additional families of Adams, Bateman, Beall, Boles, Bowers, Cadwalader, Claggett, Downing, Foster, Gerrard, Haskins, Holman, Hoult, Jolliffe, Millard, Morgan, Pack, Prickett, Rigglesworth, Sharp, Shercliffe / Shircliffe, Slack, Slye, Spinke, Springer, Thompson, Veatch / Veitch, and Wheeler.

 Foster Ancestors: Some Europeans, Immigrants, Colonists, and Pioneers. Includes the additional families of Ackerly, Adams, Anton, Apleby, Arrants, Atwood, auf dem Berge, Baeumer, Bassett, Bayard, Beer, Bohun, Boles, Bowers, Burghill, Busch, Buster, Coons / Kuntze, de la Bouchele, Dickenson, Dilthey, Drake, Dresler, Dungan, Eger, Fick, Fishback, Flender, Friesenhagen, Gruebner, Hager, Hanback, Hellings, Holbrook, Holtzclaw, Kierstede, Latham, Latsch, Lee, Lueck, Mauldin, Moore, Muenker, Mus, Nanton, Niess, Noeh, Oliver, Patt, Phillips, Price, Roelofs, Sadler, Sai, Schneider, Scholt, Sel, Smith, Solbach, Steiger, Stuell, Stuyvesant, Thompson, Utterback / Otterbach, von Hupstorf, vor der Hardt, vor der Meinhardt, Walker, Weaver, Woods, Wysham, Young / Jung, and Zeyne.