NEW BOOK! Origins and Descendants of James Bole

I am pleased to announce the publication of my new book, The Origins and Descendants of James Bole of Westmoreland and Armstrong Counties, Pennsylvania.  At this Lulu link, under “More Detail”, you can obtain a preview before deciding whether to buy.

Many years in the making, and coming in at 411 pages, the book covers the revised ancestry and descendants of James Bole (1752-1836), who married Mary Painter and settled in Westmoreland and Armstrong counties, Pennsylvania. The couple have left family spread throughout the nation. The book contains full references and an every-name index. Maps and photos are included. The volume supersedes the obsolete 1986 publication by providing the true origins of the family, adding many descendants, and correcting a number of errors.  The Scottish and Irish background of the family is treated at length.

There is a full index in the Lulu preview, or you can consult it using the link provided at my Bolesbooks publication website.  I’m happy to introduce so many long-lost Kelburn Boyle descendants!


5 thoughts on “NEW BOOK! Origins and Descendants of James Bole

  1. Hi David,
    I read about your Boyle ancestors with interest as my family also stems from the Kelburn Boyles. About nine generations of us have lived in and around Limavady (Co Londonderry) since James Boyle arrived from Cumbrae/ Largs in 1660. There are still many unsolved puzzles surrounding 17th century settlement of Boyles in Ireland, so it is always good to find more missing pieces.


    • Rohan, I am absolutely delighted to hear from you! I’ve known of the Limavady Bowles for many years, but without having contact with any of its living family members.

      Besides maintaining this site, I am also the Bowles DNA Project coordinator, which involves Y-DNA testing of males named Boals, Boales, Boles, Bolles, Bolls, Booles, Boules, Bowles, Bowls, Boyle, and Bolds, among other spellings. The site is located at

      I would very much like to correspond with you concerning the possibility of a male relative of yours providing a test. Would you please email me at

      Thank you so much for getting in touch!


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